June 7 - July 26 2014 / 100-221 East Georgia Street Vancouver BC


Lauren Cherry and Max Springer, Nicolas Sassoon and Valerian Goalec

Opening reception: 7pm, Friday, June 6, 2014 | Curated by Sung Pil Yoon



AND HE BUILT A CROOKED HOUSE is an exhibition of works by Lauren Cherry and Max Springer (Los Angeles), ValĂ©rian Goalec (Brussels) and Nicolas Sassoon (Biarritz/Vancouver) that explores French theorist Georges Bataille’s concept of Base Materialism. The exhibition takes its title from a short story by Robert A. Heinlein involving a house newly designed by the protagonist Quintus Teal that, as a result of an unexpected earthquake, challenges the traditional structure of linear architecture. The house amalgamates into a 4-dimensional object which renders it into a baseless foundation that can only be described as a mixed blob of multi-functional provisions.

Known as a tesseract or hypercube this architectural structure might illustrate Bataille’s Base Materialism, first articulated in the 1920s, that objected to the existing hierarchical structure of politics and instead argued for a disorienting and active flux through the “injection” of an active base matter. Through an overlapping uncertainty of sculpture and projection, Goalec, Sassoon, Cherry and Springer have been asked to develop a collaborative exhibition that destabilizes each artwork in an attempt to encounter Bataille’s radically disorienting freedom.